Suggestion letters are usually written to propose the implementations of new policies within a company, to express wanting to see changes, or to pitch new ideas that can be done. These can be written by anybody within a company.

Sometimes it is penned by a boss seeking validation from his or her subordinates, while at times an employee writes it and addresses it to his or her supervisors.

The tone and format of the suggestion letter may depend on the formality of the organization involved. If it is a corporate business, then formal language can be considered more appropriate. One the other hand, if the organization involved is the neighborhood book club, the letter can take on a more casual tone.

The key thing to remember when writing a suggestion letter is to make your proposition very clear.

This means that you have to have thought out your idea very well before beginning to write your letter because your suggestion, aside form presenting the general idea, should also detail the manner in which you feel it should be implemented, the reasons behind your suggestion, as well as the benefits that can be reaped from it. Your letter is more likely to be taken seriously and your proposition considered if you show how much you have prepared for it.

Aside from pitching your idea, you can also propose a meeting for you and everyone else involved to discuss it further. Once you have made this point, make sure to extend your thanks for considering the suggestion you have made. This can stand as your closing statement in the letter.

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