Reservation letters can be used to book hotel rooms, confirm attendance for future seminars, or secure spots in conventions or other events. These are not considered to be formal letters, thus, the writer can choose to handwrite them if he or she wants to.

Nonetheless, there still should be a professional tone to the letter and it should be courteous all throughout.

Because reservations are not usually addressed to one specific person but rather to an establishment or organizers, it is advised for you to write your salutation as “To Whom it May Concern” or “Dear Sir/Madam”.

Inform the reader of your reservation at the very beginning of your letter. Be specific about the details of the room, item, or service that you are reserving. For example, if you are writing to reserve a hotel room, indicate whether or not the room is smoking or nonsmoking, how many people will be staying, the view that you prefer, the number of beds, and how long you intend to stay. Ultimately, this will make the establishment better prepared for you visit.

Other than providing the details of your request, you should also include information regarding how you plan to make your payment. Most businesses will not process a reservation without payment so ensure that this aspect is also covered with your letter so you don’t waste any time.

Close the letter by leaving your contact information and request for confirmation.

Ask that they get back to you within a few days to inform you if they were able to process your request or not.

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