A gift letter is usually given to an individual or group to express one’s gratitude for a gift that he or she received. Regardless of whether you are addressing it to your subordinate, boss, teacher, or friend, these are very personal letters and as much as possible should be handwritten. Some even suggest that it is best to write it on simple stationery or paper cards.

At the very beginning of you letter, you should already convey your intention, which is to express your thanks. Also, while there are many templates and samples available online, use your own words when saying thank you. In this way, your letter will be more sincere and personal.

Aside from thanking the person you are writing to, you can also mention how you have used his or her gift and how you feel about it. If it was a cash-gift, you can say how you plan to use the amount.

You can close the letter by mentioning your wish to see or talk to the person in the near future or by highlighting the impact his or her gift has had on you. The complimentary close you use will still depend on the relationship that you have with your recipient.

If he or she is someone who is very close to you like a family member or friend, you can use “Fondly” or “Lovingly” but if he or she is your boss or an acquaintance at work, keep it simple such as “Gratefully” or “Sincerely”.

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