While no one surely revels in writing a disapproval letter expressing a sense of disappointment or in order to put through a complaint, it is important to know the basics behind writing one as undoubtedly there will be certain situations or experiences that you will not be completely happy with and writing a letter of disapproval may just be the best way to get your sentiments regarding it across.

Usually disapproval letters are written to show an individual’s discontent towards a certain policy, disfavor for poor performance or service, or disagreement regarding terms of a contract or proposal. It is used in many offices and businesses, as well as for contracts or bids. Because of this, it is considered better to print out the letters instead of having them handwritten. Details within the letter should be easy to read and comprehend.

When you write one, be sure to include exactly what it is you are disapproving of and the reasons behind it. It is guaranteed that your recipient will want a rationale for your decision, which is why you must give your reasons. By providing reasoning behind your disapproval, the recipient may still find a way to amend the proposal, contract, or behavior into something more favorable for you.

You can also include some of your suggestions regarding how to change your disfavor into something positive for your recipient to consider.

The tone that you will use in the letter will depend greatly on your position and the position of the person you are addressing it to. If you are writing to a subordinate, you have more freedom to be stern and take on a reprimanding approach. However, if you are considered to be an equal in a contract or agreement, be straightforward in your wishes still, but try to be agreeable in your presentation of suggestions. Either way, always avoid offensive language.

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