When an employee accepts new responsibilities, write a letter to formally discuss these new responsibilities, so that there is a written record of the change in duties.

This letter should list the specific responsibilities and duties that will be delegated and what objects should be achieved by the change. It should also contain the deadline for completing the objective.

If the situation is not permanent, be sure to detail how long the period of delegation will last. Include details about any additional training that may be needed to perform the new duties.

Let him or her know who they should talk to when they have questions that must be answered about the new duties. If it is necessary, determine what other employee will cover the original responsibilities of the person who is now performing the new duties.

If extra hours are expected, let the employee know this upfront, and if there is additional compensation either in salary or bonus be sure to include the specific additional compensation details in the letter of delegation.

Be sure to acknowledge the successful handling of new responsibilities either by praising the employee publicly either in a written letter or verbally.

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