A letter of admiration is written to express sentiments of praise or compliment towards another person. It is most appropriate to handwrite these types of letters to show sincerity. If, however, you are writing such in a business setting, typing it can also work, although it is still best to keep it as personal as possible.

Admiration letters can be sent after an individual accomplishes a certain impressive achievement or may also be given to communicate general respect for a person. There are no guidelines as to who can receive letters like this as anyone you hold in high regard can be a recipient.

These letters can be addressed to either an individual or certain groups. The most important thing to remember is to clearly state the reason behind your admiration. Do not write overly general statements, such as “I admire your personality”; the key is to be specific with your compliments so as to sound honest and maintain the personal tone of the letter. Aside from praising your recipient for something he or she has done, you can also mention the positive effect that he or she has had on you personally.

An admiration letter does not need to be long. The more concise and precise you are with your compliments, the more earnest your letter will be.

To close, you can extend your best wishes and express your continued support for the person or the group involved. Note to keep your complimentary close simple and do affix your signature at the end of the letter.

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